We design and manufacture equipment according to your needs and specifications

Our services include installations, pressure testing, commissioning and flushing. All manufactured equipment and systems comes with a data pack, containing; material certificates, a spares list, maintenance schedules and procedures




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We design and build power packs to your requirements


From small bore to schedule pipe, our team includes coded welders.



All equipment inspections done with calibrated measuring devices. We offer on site equipment inspections and recommendations.


Contamination is the number 1 cause of hydraulic system failure. The unseen killer, which slowly wears the internal components, causing internal leakage. This can go undetected for years before problems start manifesting itself. This normally results in a complete renewal of all the hydraulic components.
New oil has a cleanliness NAS class of 11. The most basic hydraulic system requires a cleanliness class of NAS 10 to operate reliably. Hydraulic systems containing proportional valves requires a cleanliness class of NAS 6.
We offer the complete hydraulic solution: from the manufacturing stages through to commissioning. Our standards ensure that all the equipment we build or service, leaves our premises ready for integration into even the most complex hydraulic systems.


System pressure testing could be done “after hours” to ensure staff safety and less impact on production.
Hydrostatic pressure testing can also be done on pressure vessels.

Fusion Hydraulics offers years of experience and innovation which we will put to work for you in creating efficiencies and reducing downtime.

Our experienced team of professionals can help you plan, implement and manage solutions for your needs. Our team is always ready to assist with repairs, upgrades and troubleshooting no matter the size of the project.






Land Drilling Rig, Manufactured

We offer repairs, rebuilds and servicing on site 24/7 to land rigs, cranes, earth moving equipment, farming implements


Our skilled professionals has years of experience in factory maintenance and equipment manufacture.

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